Are you ready to tear 2019 a new one? (It's okay if you're not yet).

2019 Torn Paper Depositphotos_13910921_xl-2015 v2.png

You can feel it, you can see it coming.

As good as 2018 was, it was absolutely plain vanilla compared to the inter-stellar success that 2019 is going to be for you and your business.

Of course, making the most of it is all about mindset.

Deep down, you know you can do it. You know that you can make the immense changes in your life and the growth developments necessary to achieve the lofty goals you’ve set out for yourself.

The thing is though… it’s more than a week into the new year and none of those huge life changes have started to take hold yet.

You simply got caught up in the wind-down of the festive season and forgot to jump into your “resolutions.”

Or worse, perhaps you haven’t really even gotten around to forming clarity on what those 2019 goals would be.

I’m here to tell you: THAT IS TOTALLY OKAY.

2019 is still here, ready for you - and it’s open to your individual timeline of events.

Don’t feel like you should give up on the transformation that you so greatly desire (and deserve) in your life, purely because you “failed” to kick off on the initial milestones at a moment in time dictated by the Gregorian calendar.

Now, with that elephant out of the room, let’s get back to a place of productivity and those ambitions of yours.

I like the word AMBITIONS.

As great as goals are, that word has been overused and diluted in its power.

Meanwhile, deep down, we all have ambitions.

For many of us, they haven’t fully surfaced. However, given that you’re here, reading this, I’m willing to bet that you don’t have to scrape very deeply to unearth yours.

Perhaps you want to start a side hustle. Use that wasted talent of yours.

Or maybe you are absolutely ready to quit your 9-to-5 and start a business all of your own.

For so many of us, the desire - the ambition - is actually to take our existing business to-THE-NEXT-LEVEL.

You’ve got the skills. You may need to build and refine some of them, but so do your competitors! (Don’t forget that).

Now is the time to play BIG. 

For too long you’ve allowed the small stuff to hold you back. 

The fear of failure. The fear of what other people will think. The fear of spending a small amount to make a life-changing return. 

It’s all about mindset. 

2019 is the year to rip away the mundane layer of 2018 and “tear the universe a new one!”

Have you been allowing the opinions of others to keep you from your dreams?

Have you let bad habits and a lack of stamping your own authority on your life to hold you back?

Have you concerned yourself too much with how many Likes and Followers you gain and not enough with how many dollars you’re pulling in?

No one else is going to give you permission. It’s time to give yourself permission to succeed. 

GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to invest in yourself and make 2019 the year that everything changed. 

This is the year you put in place the building blocks that allow you to spend time with your loved ones. To go on that holiday. To live the lifestyle you’ve been talking about. 

It’s time to be proud of what you do and what you’ve created. 

Let’s tear 2019 a new one. 

Schedule a call with me and let’s do this.

Mark Schiralli - Business Growth Mentor