Take your business to the next level.


You have a skill; a set of skills. The dream to take those skills to the world were what crystallised your business concept - offering the market the products and services that you are so good at producing. 

If only starting your business purely revolved around that core competency of yours. The reality of business means that you need to cover a whole range of tasks both behind-the-scenes, as well as packaging your business in a pretty bow for the outside world to see.

A successful business undertaking involves a plethora of roles as varied as promoting your business, articulating exactly what differentiates you, setting up the correct business structure, creating a compelling website, planning and recording your financials and ultimately ensuring that you make a profit from what makes your product so valuable. 

Taking your business to the next level means having a trusted adviser who can support you through all of these areas and who you ultimately can rely on to guide you in major strategic decisions which shape the direction of your business.  


Our Services

Business Planning

  • Business Mentoring and Coaching for Business Owners looking to achieve Growth, Structure and/or Accountability. Suitable for Small-to-Medium Business Owners who are either deep into their business journey, or in startup mode

  • Financial Business Plan

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Vision, Mission Statement, Goals

  • Product Analysis

  • Marketing Plan

  • Risk Analysis

  • Compliance Review

  • Funding Review / Bank Proposals

  • Assessment of personal financial plan

  • Supplier planning

  • Legal Structure advice

Marketing your business to the world

  • Develop your Marketing Strategy

  • Websites: develop your professional, functional and impactful business website and/or eCommerce solution

  • Secure your domain name

  • Create your branding, logo, tone of voice and colour palette

  • Intersecting your marketing activity with your financial projections

  • Professionally produced copy writing for:

    • websites

    • brochures

    • marketing emails

    • professional correspondence and letters

    • proposals (funding and the like)

    • tenders

    • social media content

    • blog articles

    • press releases

  • Retail store consulting

  • Pricing strategy

  • Product documentation

  • Writing your sales pitch

  • Complex sales: winning over your customer / client

Ongoing Financial Services

  • Financial projections to secure bank loans or investors

  • Establishment of book-keeping structure

  • Advice on financial record keeping

  • Cash flow planning

  • Advice on payroll and obligations to employees

  • Ongoing recording of financials, budget, projections and variance analysis

  • Book-keeping services

  • Regulatory / Financial obligations

  • Legal: interfacing with lawyers and basic review of contracts

Costs are packaged to suit your business and where it sits in its life-cycle.

Does your business need assistance? Perhaps there's something that's not explicitly mentioned above - not a problem. Contact me and I'll either be able to help or refer you in the right direction.