Sydney, Australia


When you're starting up a business, or trying to take one to the next level, you have to wear many hats.


Sometimes those hats aren't altogether comfortable!

When your business' revenue is in its early days (or has yet to even start) it's simply not possible to hire all of the key staff required to ensure that you plan your business correctly from the start, get noticed in a competitive marketplace and run the dreaded administrative and financial side correctly.

The unfortunate reality is that more than 80% of corporate failures are small to medium size businesses.

According to the annual statistical reports released by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, those collapses consistently occur due to inadequate cash flows, poor strategic management and poor financial control and record keeping.

In other words, so many of us have great business ideas, we just fail to plan and manage the financial side of the business adequately!

Whilst high quality chief financial officers and marketing directors will command six-figure salaries; money beyond your current budget, you still need the type of essential services that they provide.


Own Your Mark can provide these types of services as and when you need them:

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I'm Mark Schiralli...

Write here... Australian professional with a wealth of experience, not only in the financial and accounting sphere, but also in marketing and sales across various industries and appointments in Sydney, London and New York. 

I've been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of businesses in my career to date, ranging from startups to multi-national listed companies. I bring the lessons I've learned and the skills I've developed to you -- joining in your goal of seeing your business succeed, flourish and grow.

Whilst I have a wealth of experience in the nuts and bolts of accounting, regulatory compliance and budgeting, there is much more to running a successful business. This is where my hands-on marketing and sales experience in so many businesses comes to the fore.

Strategising how to attack the market, get your pricing right, and out-sell your competitors is a big part of my skill-set. More than that, I can succinctly assist you in articulating what makes your business so amazing, to ensure that your business isn't like that proverbial tree that falls in the woods (and nobody hears about it). 

I have a background in professional writing, technical marketing copy-writing, sports journalism, social media and even blogging, meaning that I can help you get your message heard.

I'm here to help you with financial projections to attract investors, provide you with business coaching, develop a marketing strategy, build your website and importantly, be your trusted adviser. 

In short, I'm equipped to get your front-office and your back-office firing, allowing you to do the things that brought you into business in the first place!


It's time to own your mark.